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Advice to help you support your child throughout the UCAS application cycle, including videos and tips for getting started.

Sign up for our parent newsletter and get regular info and advice on helping your child make the best possible university application. Careers Advice for UK parents, young people, school leavers, A Level students, teenagers. Independent, informative & accurate.

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We recently asked our Facebook community the question, “If you could share ONLY 5 words of advice (no more, no less) with a brand new parent, what would they be?” The response was overwhelming, with nearly parents offering their wisdom.

We’ve selected 50 of the most “liked” responses. It is a privilege to work with parents and students throughtout the world who are attending BYU Idaho on campus, or online.

We agree that sometimes the college experience can be. Online Safety Advice for Parents. In school the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning provides for a safe and secure online environment. Many parents and carers do seek advice on how they can help their children to 'Stay Safe' online outside of school.

Find out more. Before doing anything, take a deep breath and try to remain calm. There’s lots of information and advice on this site to help you keep your child safe and access support.

Advice to parents
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