Biology coursework amylase

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CBSE, Class XII Biology

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Biology Experiments

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CBSE, Class XII Chemistry

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Videman, Intriguing Biomechanics, 2:. CBSE class 12 chemistry question papers and sample papers with solutions, NCERT solutions and books, formulas sheets and other useful study material covering topics such as aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids, alcohols, phenols and ethers, haloalkanes and haloarenes, biomolecules, polymers, chemistry in everyday life etc.

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The amylase enzyme binds to starch (middle) and helps to break it apart into smaller chains (bottom) and eventually individual glucose monomers.

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For Human amylase, mL of saliva and mL of distilled water was added into each test tube. For Fungal amylase, 1 mL of fungal amylase was added to each tube. All four test tubes with starch, and all four with amylase.

Effect of Substrate Concentration on the Rate of Activity of Catalase

Amylase is a type of carbohydrase that breaks down starch. Produced in the small intestine, the pancreas, and the salivary glands. Breaks down starch into its constituent simple sugars (predominantly maltose).

Biology coursework amylase
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