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The Duty To Preserve Evidence: When Does It Arise?

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Evidence-Based Practices (EBP)

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The Bureau of Forensic Services (BFS) is the scientific arm of the Attorney General’s Office whose mission is to serve the people of California on behalf of the Attorney General's Office.

Forensic scientists collect, analyze, and compare physical evidence from suspected crimes. In practice the law prevented the California courts from interpreting the state constitution so as to impose an exclusionary rule more strict than that required by the federal constitution.

Exceptions may be made to the "truth in evidence" rule by a two-thirds vote of both houses of the California Legislature. California Evidence Code Section § (“ Child Custody Evaluation”): When it appears to the court, at any time before or during the trial of an action, that expert evidence is or may be required by the court or by any party to the action, the court on its own motion or on motion of any party may appoint one or more experts to investigate, to render a report as may be ordered by the.

Nov 01,  · Below is a comprehensive list of objections to evidence submitted in support of a pleading or motion, such as a motion for summary judgment. These are objections under the California Rules of Evidence.

visory Committee on the Federal Rules of Evidence, Judicial Con- ference of the United States, prepared notes explaining the pur- pose and intent of the amendments to the rules.

California evidence
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