Choose a sense to lose

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Loose or Lose?

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These are well-known and life changing impairments so it makes sense that most would choose not to lose these senses. Let’s get to the choice; if I am choosing to lose 1 sense, it has to be Smell.

I not only think this is the obvious choice but, I would argue that your life could even get better without it. Study Warns That Losing Your Sense of Smell May Mean You May Not Live Much Longer. 0; Article Link Copied.

People who exercise are less likely to lose their sense of smell with age than those who do not or even rain. Doing this regularly will help increase your sense of smell.

Try "sniff therapy": Choose three or four different scents. Jul 18,  · You're losing each of your senses at a yearly rate, and will only be left with the one sense of your choice after 4 years. You can choose when each will be lost. Hypnosis is simply a state of relaxed focus.

It is a natural state. In fact, each of us enters such a state - sometimes called a trance state - at least twice a day: once when we are falling asleep, and once when we are waking up. That kind of fuzzy, timeless state between dreaming and awake is a trance state.

Hypothetical: If You Had To Lose a Sense, Which Would You Choose?

How to Lose 5 Kilograms in One Week. In this Article: Article Summary Changing Your Diet Including Regular Exercise Managing Other Lifestyle Factors Community Q&A Whether you have a special occasion coming up or you just want to feel healthier, sometimes you might want to lose weight fast.

Choose a sense to lose
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