Doctrine of repugnancy in india

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Important Constitutional Law Doctrines

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State List

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Union of India, is one of the most authoritative judgments on the Doctrine of Repugnancy. In the said case, the principles to be applied for determining repugnancy between a law made by the Parliament and a law made by the State Legislature were considered.

constitutional court of south africa case no cct 8/ May 25,  · Doctrine of Repugnancy: The law revisited The Constitution of India vests the law-making power between the Union Parliament and State Legislatures in terms of its various provisions read with Schedule Tarun Jain.

Doctrine of Repugnancy From time immemorial, legislative bodies have been enacting laws all over the world. With the enactment of laws by different legislative bodies all over the world, conflict of laws is an unavoidable issue.

Doctrine of repugnancy in india
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