Drug abuse at cuea nairobi

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Health and Social-economic Effects of Alcohol Abuse in Kenya’s Context

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The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya. Alcohol and drug abuse is a phenomenon Alcoholism and its Impact on Work Force: A Case of Kenya Meteorological Station, Nairobi. J Alcohol Drug Depend 3: doi: / Page 3 of 4. 2 1 0/// Alcohol rug epend. The Faculty of Science was established in the / Academic Year with the aim of meeting the ever-growing challenges of development in African Countries, which have yearned for different cadres of Scientists who can contribute to the development of their continent.

Feb 18,  · Education and Counseling in Schools in Africa. Edited by Maurice Nyamanga Amutabi. Research, the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Nairobi, Kenya.

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) on Saturday 20th participated in a 5 km walk that aimed at sensitizing people on the effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA). the catholic university of eastern africa faculty of education effects of drugs on the academic performance of undergraduate students: a case study of the catholic university of eastern africa, nairobi.

the catholic university of eastern africa faculty of education effects of drugs on the academic performance of undergraduate students: a case study of the catholic university of eastern africa, nairobi.

Drug abuse at cuea nairobi
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AMECEA: CUEA, TSC to Hold Walk on Alcohol and Drug Abuse – AMECEA Communications