Florida workers compensation joint underwriting association naic number

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Health insurance in the United States

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A property and casualty company transacting all lines permitted to be combined need have no more than $2 million capital and $2 million paid-in surplus in the aggregate. Joint Underwriting Association A.R.S. § NOTE: All of the above are compulsory upon receiving authority. Applicants for Workers’ Compensation insurance authority will be instructed at the appropriate time during review of the application to provide proof of.

The maximum number of allowed certificates for the policy () have been generated for the month.

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If additional certificates are needed, please contact the FWCJUA via email ([email protected]) for review. The workers’ compensation market in Florida is served by a large number of independent insurers.

Affordability within the Florida Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwriting Association, Inc. (FWCJUA), which is the residual market, has been an on-going The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) also collects statutory.

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Florida workers compensation joint underwriting association naic number
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