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Man Sues Mug-Shot Mag Gotcha for Defamation

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A new Britain, a new kind of newspaper

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In October, Media General, publisher of the Daily Progress and the Richmond Times-Dispatch, introduced Charlottesville and surrounding counties to Gotcha!, a weekly tabloid featuring recent arrestees and the crimes for which they're charged.

Like the competing Crime Times, which first hit stands in June and has been doing brisk business (with circulation ballooning from 6, a week in.

Lynchburg, VA - "Gotcha!" newspaper has hit the stands in Central Virginia, and not everyone is happy about it. The hot seller costs a dollar and features dozens of local mug shots, even poking.

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Product Image. Product Title. Gotcha Covered Luxe Thread Count Thin Pocket Sheet Set. GOTCHA—or Governmental Office Telecommunication & Harassment Aid—is the perfect book to gift to the politics-buff/activist in your life.

Not only does it list phone numbers for all the most prominent members of Congress, it also functions as an educational government-for-dummies guide.

The paper shows mug shots of people arrested for crimes ranging from DUI to swearing, assault and battery of a family member and even driving with a revoked license. The Rescue Road Trip wheeler is parked in the far end of the lot – a rolling billboard with photos of dogs beneath the logo and the tag line, “Saving dogs 4 paws at a time.”.

Gotcha paper
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