Kennedy inaugural speech vs lincoln s second inaugural speech

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Inauguration of John F. Kennedy

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Abraham Lincoln's first inaugural address

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He uses descriptive language that supports adjectives and other modifiers to emphasize sky phrases in his opinion. Inaugural Address by John F. Kennedy remains one of the most important speeches in American history (Four of the century’s greatest speeches., )that encircles the American socio-political philosophy and set the orientation of a new peaceful and democratic world.

For the text of Lincoln's second Inaugural Address see Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address at Wikisource. This image of Lincoln delivering his second inaugural address is the most famous photograph of the event.

Lincoln stands in the center, with papers in his hand. Analyzing the Rhetoric of JFK’s Inaugural Address Topic: John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address Grade Level: John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address like Lincoln’s famous speech, was comprised of short phrases and words.

In addition to message, word choice and length, he recognized that captivating his. Kennedy Inaugural Speech Vs Lincoln S Second Inaugural Speech. A Speech of Passion and a New Beginning of Peace: John F. Kennedy “Inaugural Address Speech” On January 20, John F. Kennedy made an outstanding speech after being sworn in office.

John F. Kennedy is the second youngest president after Theodore Roosevelt who was elect as president in and had made one. Jan 24,  · Comparing Kennedy's Inaugural with Obama's Second Inaugural shows the strengths of the former and the weaknesses of the latter. Kennedy vs. Obama--Which Is Better?

Kennedy’s speech takes. Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address and Kennedy’s Inaugural Address. Read and analyze the last two speeches given by President Kennedy in Fort Worth, Texas.

Divide the class into two groups.

Kennedy inaugural speech vs lincoln s second inaugural speech
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