Nursing epidemiology

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Social Epidemiology, Work and Health Research

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Epidemiology Nurse

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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There are several evaluation methods for this course. The course grade will be calculated in consultation with the clinical mentor and based on the School of Nursing grading.

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Epidemiology is a methodology for identifying the causes of diseases and health outcomes in populations. More specifically, epidemiology is the systematic, data-driven and scientific study of the distribution, causes and risk factors of health-related events and states in populations.

Epidemiology for Advanced Nursing Practice guides graduate-level nursing students to understand the basic concepts of epidemiology while gaining and applying statistical conceptual skills. Focusing on the importance of disease prevention and community-centered migration, this text helps students expand their knowledge base while enhancing.

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What is epidemiology?

Nurse Epidemiologist

Epidemiology is a branch of medicine that studies health and disease in populations. The term epidemiology was derived from two Greek words: “epi” which means “on” and demos which means “population” or “people.”.

Nursing epidemiology
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