Position paper on terminology in pharmacogenetics

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For the sake of the position paper: • Pharmacogenetics is the study of interindividual variations in DNA sequence related to drug response; and • Pharmacogenomics is the study of the variability of the expression of individual genes relevant to disease susceptibility as well as drug response at cellular, tissue, individual or population level.

Taking the example of pharmacogenomics (a spin-off from the Human Genome Project), it shows how this term has been constructed since it appeared inthe differences and similarities between it and its precursor, pharmacogenetics, and the way in which commercial interests underpin this new term.

Your post is titled, Who Gets to Define “Peer Support?”, and this illustrates only part of the turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.com the much bandied about term “co-optation”. We talk about the corruption of psychiatry and big pHarma, but we don’t do much talking about what this “co-optation” at another level really consists of, and that is the corruption of the psychiatric survivor movement.

Pharmacogenetics represents the study of the individual pharmacological response based on the genotype. Its objective is to optimize treatment in an individual basis, thereby creating an individualized therapy, more safe and efficient, that will allow the clinician to select the correct drug, at the adequate dose, for the right patient.

This paper aims to serve as an introduction to pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics by exploring relevant terminology and the measurement of genetic variation, providing examples which highlight different aspects of the field, and discussing the role of genotype-phenotype correlation as.

1 CPMP Position Paper on Terminology in Pharmacogenetics [EMEA/CPMP//01, November ] 2 Guidance for Industry Pharmacogenomic Data Submissions. March

Position paper on terminology in pharmacogenetics
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